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It all started with Flagship on the Fox, an upscale take on a what a sports bar could be, not just what it should be. Once again, Steve Mayer is raising the standard. This time with a slice of Wisconsin brought to downtown St Charles.

Man's best friend and a trip to the North Woods sparked a vision of creating a classic Wisconsin tavern right here at home. Through our wonderful food, drinks, service, and atmosphere you will truly feel like you're in the Northwoods yourself.

At Duke's Northwoods, we hope to be your home away from home.



At Duke's we aim to embody the ideal Northwoods Tavern Bar in every aspect. A haven to celebrate Wisconsin sports, have drinks with friends, share food with family, and

most importantly make memories.


What's old is new again at Duke's Northwoods.

Vintage tavern style bar with classic food and drinks reimagined for a modern take on "Grandpa's Favorites". 

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